Are you a Zombie?


Text: John 10:10


The enemy wants to stop you from living for God.If he canít get you to deny Christ, he will try to weaken or cheapen your relationship with Jesus.His goal is to make you a Zombie.



1.      A snake god of voodoo cults in West Africa, Haiti, and the southern United States.


a.      A supernatural power or spell that according to voodoo belief can enter into and reanimate a corpse.

b.      A corpse revived in this way.

1.      One who looks or behaves like an automaton.

au∑tom∑a∑ton (Ű-tm-tn, -tn)
n., pl. au∑tom∑a∑tons or au∑tom∑a∑ta (-t).

1.      A self-operating machine or mechanism, especially a robot.

2.      One that behaves or responds in a mechanical way.

Passion for God is not just going through the motions it is living ON-FIRE everyday.Decisions that affect your everyday life like:


The music you listen to.

The movies you watch.

The friends you hang with.

The time you spend.

The way you talk.

How you spend your money.

What kind of relationships you have.


How do you know if you are a zombie?

Matthew 23:23-28


  1. You feel better about yourself after you go to church or help someone.
  2. You do the outward things like worshiping in public, but inside you are cold and empty. (numb)
  3. You go to great lengths to look good on the outside, but inside you are ugly.In fact you will spend much more time putting on your makeup or picking out your clothes than you will seeking God.
  4. You are a good actor to the public, but when you are alone the real you comes out. You canít seem to live right.
  5. You care more about what others think about you than what Jesus thinks about you!
  6. Zombies smell bad. They hang out in dark places and moan a lot.


How to kill a Zombie:


  1. Donít be afraid of dying to your flesh.
  2. Use the right weapon- Fire!
  3. Revive the corpse.
  4. Stop the radio waves from the evil source.
  5. Always get help from other Zombie Killers.


Commitment = Dedication and thinking about the future.


Funerals:How many of you have been to a funeral?†† Did you like them?The fact is that everyone will stand before God and account to Him if they were a Zombie, or a sold out believer in Jesus Christ!


So the question is, What would happen if you were to die tonight?