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Thanks so much for visiting Merry Trekmas, the holiday site that combines two of my favorite things- Christmas and Trek!
My name is Rick Moyer and I am a fan of Star Trek.
Every week I contribute to a wonderful podcast called
Treks In Sci Fi with Rico Dostie. He has created a podcast that is full of geeky goodness and fun.
I also host a weekly podcast with my wife Amy called
Take Him With You

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What a brilliant CD, 12 fun and festive songs for geeky people atnChristmas One and All.".. more

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"I have to say that Merry Trekmas is the funniest Trek related music CD I have heard since Shatner's TRANSFORMED MAN"... more

Don't forget to add the BONUS songs released in 2009
Alien World
Updated Space Saga

(more coming)
Little Ferengi Boy (11-28-11)
It's beginning to look at lot like Trekmas (12-4-11)
It's the Most Trektacular Time of the Year (12-11-11)
I saw Tpring kissing Captain Kirk (12-18-11)

Below you will find each track seperately, and if you want to have the entire project I have them all zipped together in a 32 meg zipped file.
I have also included the cover art toward the bottom. You can print them onto any standard CD lables and if you have a glossy photo paper you can print out the cover and liner, cut to size and put it in a jewel case.

Song Title --- Right Click and choose "save as" to download, or click and listen.

1. The 12 Days of Starfleet

2. Jean Luc the bald head captain

3. Klaxon Bells

4. Have yourself a hairy little creature

5. We Worf you a Merry Christmas

6. Away team with phaser

7. Here comes Enterprise

8. Oh Enterprise

9. Trek Christmas

10. All I want for Christmas

11. Merry Trekmas

12. I'll be home on Voyager

13. Boldy Go

14. Benji the Spaceman

All the songs zipped

Art work and labels

CD Labels JPG

Cover and Insert JPG

Merry Trekmas Lyrics PDF

Lyrics in HTML

Special Podcast on the making of Trekmas CD with Rick Moyer

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and don't forget to check out the Star Trek Parody page with non Christmas star trek, battlestar galactica, Stargate, buck rogers, and more geeky music.
Hear songs like "Another one becomes us", "We will spock you", "T.N.G.", "Life is just a holodeck" and more.
I also have original instrumentals that I have recorded too!
A vey special thanks to Rico Dostie and my friends at TREKS IN SCI FI

Click here for a special Christmas song (non Trek) from Rick Moyer and Rob Scalise
A jazzy version of
"The Christmas Song" (Chestnuts roasting on an open fire)
Rob does the music and I do the vocals.

See the youtube promo made by my son Nathan
Merry Trekmas on Youtube

 Let me say right up front that this entire project is not for profit. It is made by a fan for the fans of Star Trek. Star Trek is owned by CBS and Paramount. I am not charging for the CD or the downloads.
Maybe someday when I have the time I can do some more of this and put out a legit Star Trek project, but until that day, please know this is for entertainment purposes only. Some people did want to
know if they could help me with the costs of doing the project and that is welcome, but understand you don't get anything for that as I am not selling it. It cost me about $400 total to do the project, that included the
shipping (over 30 cd's) duplicating, printing and equipment, plus the purchase of the Karaoke tracks. :) So if you feel like helping offset that, it is totally up to you as the cd and music is not for sale. It is our gift of fun for you.

I just hope people enjoy it. Click here
if you want to donate to help with shipping and material costs.

My wife Amy and I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas! Although we have a lot of fun with Star Trek and making geeky music, we want you to know that
Jesus is the Reason for the Season! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Be blessed! 

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