Hear what critics are saying about Merry Trekmas--


What a brilliant CD, 12 fun and festive songs for geeky people atnChristmas One and All.

Love the second track on the CD 'Jean-Luc The Bald Head Captain, this

made me laugh so much. It's only a matter of time before Patrick

Stewart plays this during his Christmas Party at the RSC.

-Simon Meddings (Hawkeyemeds from Treks in Sci fi and Waffleon)


*What did you think of the Merry Trekmas CD?*


Trektastic and extremely good fun! Makes the Christmas season all that

more tolerable :):)


*What is your favorite track on the CD?*


'All I want for Christmas' and 'Have Yourself a Hairy Little Creature'

(if I still had guinea-pigs I'd be contentiously singing it to them).

'I'll be Home on Voyager' really did sound like it was going to be

Captain Janeway suddenly bursting into song, absolutly perfect!


Thanks for the great CD :) *plans to review on her blog*



I have to say that Merry Trekmas is the funniest Trek related music CD I have heard since Shatner's TRANSFORMED MAN
or even his rap song from FREE ENTERPISE "No Tears For Caesar"! Merry Trekmas stands alone though in it's uniqueness in support of Trek fandom.

will get lots of play during the holiday season! I think you should create a Live 365 radiso site and stream it 24/7 for millions to hear!


---Kevin Pearson aka Ktrek


WOW... Christmas and Star Trek are two of my most favorite things and Merry Trekmas with Rick Moyer CD is the perfect combination of the Christmas spirit and Star Trek heart. Rick Moyer is the master of parody and when he told me he was doing a "special" Star Trek Christmas CD I knew it was going to be FANTASTIC and truly is. I know I'll have this playing all season long in my car, ipod and home. Thank you Rick for making this geek very happy this Christmas season.


--Kenny aka Startrekfanatic5 on the Treks in Sci fi Forum and The Ready Room Podcast.

Rick has a great talent and a creative mind, and penned some awesone lyrics.

What impresses me the most, is the Star Trek detail he put into the CD, Rick

knows Star Trek very well, and the lyrics he has written show it. This is a

really fun CD to listen to, and I am looking forward to making fun Christmas

mix on my iPod, with my other favorite Christmas CD's . Highlights on the CD

for me are Here comes Enterprise, Benji the Spaceman and The 12 Days of Starfleet


My Favourite Track? The Twelve Days of Starfleet without question. If I had to pick a second then I'd go in track order and take Jean-Luc the Bald Head Captain


An excellent seasonal gift and a lot of entertaing fun. Tracking unfamiliar lyics through familiar tunes and trying to pick up on all of the Star Trek references running through the music is great fun.


The supporting podcast is well worth a listen too!


---Mike (Feathers on the forum)