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It is music from the pits of Hell. The beat is satanic and brings up demon spirits! It's from .... Satan!


Music is music. It is neither good or bad. It is neutral. God created music. The Bible tells us that music's original purpose was to praise and worship God. In fact, some people think that Lucifer was the arch angel in charge of worship in Heaven. (Ezek 28) Lucifer began to see himself as wonderful and beautiful, he got to thinking that he was in fact better than God himself! The Bible teaches us that Lucifer was cast out of Heaven and took on the name of Satan. Do you think that Satan would stand still and let the most powerful form of worship stay Gods? I don't think so.
The Scalpel

Music is a tool. It can be used for good or evil. Take for instance a scalpel. In the hands of surgeon it can save a life from death. In the hands of a killer the same scalpel can murder someone. Is the scalpel itself good or evil? No it is neither. It is just a tool. So in the hands of who posses it and uses it determines the effect that it has. Rock n Roll is not satanic in itself. It is a tool used by the devil to deceive millions of people. It is powerful and emotional. It brings out strong opinions in everyone. Christian Rock n Roll on the other hand is not good or evil it is a tool used by the church to reach people young and old with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It sways people to live for Jesus and to worship him in a way that is relevant to today's society. It is not a sell out. God never called us to be like the status quo. He asks us to be who we were created to be. God looks on the heart, not on the appearance. What matters is where we are at with Him.


Advice: To those who say all rock music is satanic.... be careful. Judge by the fruit, not the style. You may be kicking against God when you slam on Christian Rockers.
To those who think secular (without God) rock music in the world is OK. Watch out. The devil knows what makes us tick and he will use every tool he can to get us away from living for God. If it compels you to live for Jesus then go for it. If it doesn't then throw it out! A good test is to ask yourself if Jesus would listen to it with you. If he wouldn't then make a decision to please God not yourself.


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