I LIVED FOR ROCK N ROLL! My name is Rick Moyer, I live in Washington State on the coast. I have been a born again Christian since 1985.

All you heavy metal fans, check this story out. It wasn't always this way. You gotta hear this....


Judas Priest

I was never a religious person. In fact the only thing I worshiped was Rock n Roll.

I was not raised in a Christian home. My Mom and Dad were great people, but not at all church goers.I thought Christians were geeks and morons. They were weak is what I thought. I made fun of them.

I lived for ROCK N ROLL. I had all the albums that a guy could want. I was really into OZZY and Van Halen. I didn't go a day without Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Ronnie James Dio was one of my faves. I loved the power that heavy metal music gave off. The louder the better. I lined my bedroom with album covers. You name it I had it. And I listened at high VOLUMES!!! I even learned how to play heavy metal guitar.


AC/DC was also one of my favorites. My friend Mike and I went to a Journey and Brian Adams concert in 1983, we loved the harmony and the incredible music that came from them. Rock n Roll was my God. I loved it and I lived it. Then something happened to me that would change the rest of my life.


I always tried to date the pretty girls, and it always seemed that when they would finally end up going out with me they would turn out to be Christians!! It happened several times. They kept giving me Christian Rock n Roll. Stuff like Larry Norman, Rez Band and Petra. I would listen to it, but I still didn't know what to think about Jesus.


Randy and Ozzy

David Lee Roth of Van Halen


I used to do sit ups to Diary of a Madman by Ozzy. I loved his style. I had no idea what he stood for. I didn't even care at the time. It was later that I realized what was happening to me. Nothing was to hard and crazy for me.

My uncles used to smoke pot with me, they also introduced me to pornography. I was popular in school, but there was a side of me that people didn't know.

The end of my Senior year in High School, my best friend told me to take a hike, my girlfriend said I was a jerk and to top it off soon I would be on the bottom of the heap in my first year of college. I freaked out. I tried to listen to more music to ease the pain, but it didn't work. Iron Maiden let me down, Ronnie James didn't satisfy my soul like he used to.

I actually took my Led Zeppelin album and spun it backwards on my turntable. I had heard a program that told if you did that to Stairway to Heaven that you would hear satanic messages.... well it scared me half to death. Not only did I ruin my needle, but the hair on the back of my neck went straight up when out of my speakers came "there's no escaping it... oooooo!" I was shocked. I did more research and found that I could even reproduce the said satanic phrases by singing the song acapella on a reel to reel tape deck and putting on backwards. Wild man....


I finally popped a Black Sabbath tape in my tape deck on a Sunday morning and drove to the Presbyterian Church. My stereo was huge, and in my Ford Pinto, it rocked! I snuck out of the house so my parents wouldn't know where I was going. I enjoyed my time there, but I didn't find God until later. They actually had me working with the teens, and I didn;t even know God. Just as I had begun working with the youth group at the church I got a call from Jill Nicholson from the Puyallup YMCA. She was having a Christian Rock Concert and wanted to know if any of my kids wanted to come. I said, Rock? We'll be there!!! SO...