Shattered with pain, the blood dripped from his back

Whipped and beaten time and time again, no rest

Hair ripped from his face and screaming "you're a fool"

Yet he let it happen when he could have killed them all with a look.


Every time the whip came down he thought of you.

Every time the soldiers mocked he looked into the future

Every time the crowd yelled crucify he winced in anticipation

Every time the women cried, he saw your face


Led to the hill he was stretched on the wood

The nails driven into his hands

Propped up for the carnival the world looked on

Then hung like a picture in a gallery


In and out his lungs gasped for air,

Struggling to hold on to life his mind focused on you

Accepting his mission he hung his head and gave it all

Dying he destroyed all hope of life until…


Three days later in a tomb, rotting, then life trickled back in

The stone blew from the mountain and out walked Jesus

Alive, not dead, amazing not stupid

He rose again and destroyed satan's plans.


Now you play a game with the very life he gave on the tree

Spitting yet once again on the man who gave you a chance

Nailing yet another one into his hands

Can you see him cry out in pain?


Each breath says, you are mine!

Each blow says, I love you,

Each insult says, You were made for me

Each tear says, you are worth it to me.


Come back to me

Let me live in you

Live in me

It's what you know to be true


I love you....